This picture made my night, she looks so in love in this picture. Even though they didn’t win, they will be ok. They have each other and that is more than enough. They will be remembered for their music not the awards they won.

this is beautiful

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I hope Taylor still knows that she made us proud and we love and appreciate and adore her for performing All Too Well for US.

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as a collectively angried fandom can we all please storm Taylor’s twitter and trend something like #WeLoveYouTaylor or something cool like that 

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I want to put Taylor in my pocket and protect her from mean people and terrible critics at awards shows

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god this is actually the worst

i dont usually mind that much if taylor doesnt win but i just feel like everyone, taylor and all her fans just really needed this one this year, especially after the shitstorm the poor baby has gone through these past few years and red was such a fucking amazingly well-written album and actually slayed records and the fact that that didnt cut it just really makes me want to crawl into a hole and disappear forever

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I think everyone has forgotten what true music is.
Songs like Blurred Lines, And Get Lucky are praised, and yet songs such as:
All Too Well, Small Bump, The A Team, and The Last Time seen appreciated for their true lyrics and meaning. And no, this is not just about Taylor. I’m just shocked that artists such as
Justin Timberlake,
Ed Sheeran,
Sara Barielles,
And Taylor Swift
won no awards.
What has music come to?

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So glad the world got to see Taylor do what she does best when she sang All Too Well at the Grammy’s. She may not have won any awards tonight but all the Swifties in the world are proud to call her our role model and in awe of all her successes she has and will have in life. We love you Taylor.

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I’ve never wanted to hug taylor more than i do right now

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So close!

Check the full winners list here: http://on.mtv.com/Y3TBiD

This was some bullshit

she looks like she’s going to cry from shock that she won and then realises she didn’t and this is HEARTBREAKING, i’m sorry why the fuck am i going in to this industry when they used her fame for their promotion??

Watching this actually makes me feel sick to my stomach.

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I’m embarrassed for the music industry. Album of the year went to two dudes in robot costumes who can’t even speak for themselves. 

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